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Platform for data-driven assortment and price management
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Recommendix - The AI powered eCommerce quiz tool to super-boost sales | Product Hunt

Here’s how it usually goes

I want a robot vacuum cleaner:
  • I don’t want to waste time on daily cleaning
  • I have a cat and a fleece carpet that’s full of hair
Online store: 800 items found.
Please apply filters to choose your perfect model:
  • Manufacturer
  • Cleaning type
  • Ecosystem
  • Sensor types
  • Installation type
  • Filter type
  • Container size
  • Working hours
  • Programming
  • Room map
  • Remote control
  • etc.
Regular customer doesn’t know which filter type is better or how much working hours would be enough for cleaning and how big container size should be

Introducing a completely different approach to ecommerce site search

Get relevant information from your users
The user answers 5-7 simple questions to help us understand what they’re looking for. Filling out a short questionnaire takes less than a minute!
Analyze their responses
RCMX automatically analyzes user responses and converts them into a set of relevant filters and characteristics
Show them a set of the most relevant products
The user gets a selection of 10 products that match their search criteria. No need to manually scroll through hundreds of irrelevant product options!

Every 4th user
doesn't complete the purchase
because searching for products
is hard and time-consuming

Customer behavior stats

of users visiting websites don’t know what exactly they want to buy (product model, features, etc.)
of ecommerce traffic comes from ads: advertising, social media, and affiliate programs
of customers say that they don’t purchase because the process of searching for goods is too complicated and takes a lot of time

Benefits for your users


The average time from beginning the survey to receiving a selection of products


Of users answer all the questions in the questionnaire


The average number of times website visitors use the RCMX tool per visit to get product recommendations based on their input


Average conversion per click on the offered products in the selection

Benefits for your online store

More pages viewed per user: +30% on desktop and +23% on mobile

Save your users from chaotically going through your website pages trying to find the item they want. Instead, show them exactly what they are looking for

More time spent by users on RCMX-enabled sites: +10% on desktop and +39% on mobile

With RCMX, users spend no more than 20 seconds on the actual product search. Presented with a set of items that meet their needs, they can research each relevant product in more detail and make informed purchase decisions


Transparent pricing. Pay as you grow

  • Start
  • Included 15 passed wizards/mo
    Extra 15 passed wizards per $8
  • Analytics
    7-days data retention Shopping profile
  • Social block
  • Widget Customization Position and size
  • Professional
  • Included 150 passed wizards/mo
    Extra 15 passed wizards per $5
  • Analytics
    30-days data retention Shopping profile Real-time reports to messenger
  • Social block
  • Widget Customization Position and size
  • Enterprise
  • Included 1 000 passed wizards/mo
    Extra 150 passed wizards per $25
  • 90-days data retention
  • Everything on Plan Professional
  • Assortments proposal for the store
  • Similar recommendations
  • External integrations
    Google analytics
  • Custom CSS
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Everything on Plan Enterprise
  • Premium support
  • White label
  • Webhooks


Questions we get from online stores

How is a questionnaire created?

All questions are created by industry experts. We will closely collaborate with you and go through each category to select the most appropriate questions and adjust the filters. Here’s a list of questions for an online store that sells baby strollers:
  • How many seats do you need in a baby stroller?
  • How old is the baby you’re choosing a stroller for?
  • Where are you planning to use it?
  • How are you going to transport it: public transport or car?
  • Do you need a basket/bag?
  • What’s your budget?

How are product sets compiled?

Each question is supported by pre-programmed logic. Products are included in the list based on relevant attributes and the user’s input. This logic is specifically designed for each product category

Where do you get data on the products carried by the store?

RCMX can connect to either market's or aggregator's product feeds or to your online store data. This way, product sets will only display relevant prices and include only in-stock products

What if there are no product attributes on my website?

RCMX algorithms know almost everything about the products in the selected category. The data is collected from various sources, so even if the store has no data, RCMX will still deliver relevant selections for a user request

What if there’s no suitable product?

Sometimes user requests can be very specific. In this case, RCMX displays products that match the most important criteria or the most relevant attributes, not including the less important ones. And if the algorithms are still unable to find matching products, they will simply show the top best-selling products based on your selling history. This way, the user gets one of two: the most relevant products or the ones recommended by the store

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